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1) Be on time to class, Not too early Not too late. We recommend to come 5-10 minutes before class and always check-in at the front desk. *SPECTATORS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN KIDS OR YOUTH CLASSES UNLESS YOU ARE A PARENT OF THE STUDENT*
2) Always be respectful to one another and coaches who are teaching the class, please refrain from talking loud while there is a class in session. Please DO NOT walk in front of the coach while class is stretching, please use the back of the room (wall side) to access the bathroom or exit.
3) For your safety, do not leave gloves, any other equipments or water bottles on the mat while training, someone can step on it and can get injured so please be considerate of others. 4) Parents please do not coach from sideline nor come onto the mat.
5) DO NOT clutter front bench area with your bags or any other personal belongings and clear up isles/walkway so others can walk on and off the mat without tripping. Also things easily can get lost that way. Please place all personal belongings, bags and sparring gears in the locker in the changing room. We also have lockers for rentals if you wish to leave your gears at the gym.
6) Do not touch or lean against the mirror.
7) BE CLEAN- Your attire/equipments/Gi and anything else you wear/use should be clean and dry. Wear a clean shirt each class.
8) Watch your language- If there are kids around please show them and the parents respect and keep the language clean.
9) Do not change in mixed company- Do not forget you are in public, keep your clothes on unless in a designated area.
10) Be a positive representative- Do not put on your school shirt and go around being a tough guy.
11) Do not leave a mess- CLEAN UP after yourself. no dropping weights & put weights/equip- ments back after use. Garbage goes in the trash and RECYCLABLES goes inside the RECY- CLING BIN. Bring your belongings/gears home.
12) Stay home if you are sick. Having someone that is sick in the gym is a great way for a lot of people to get sick.
13) KEEP toe/finger NAILS SHORT!
14) Be Positive & Humble- Don't brag about your ranking and experience. Class is not a competition. Encourage those who need a little support. Martial Arts is a life time practice so be patient and have fun. When you are having fun, you learn more so enjoy your time on themat and keep on training.

Bow before entering/leaving the mat. Be on time to class. Parents, please make every effort to get

your child to the school before class begins. However, dropping off too early introduces other problems. Please try to bring your child no more than 5 minutes before the beginning of their class. No unsupervised children. Children who are not being supervised present a special challenge to the organization.

If student is misbehaving, instructor will take disciplinary action by following these 3 steps:
1) One verbal warning, 2) 2 minute wall-sit, 3) Student will seat out for the remainder of the class. If student continues to misbehave, disrespect other students or coaches, parents will be contacted to take appropriate actions to maintain a respectful environment.

Kids/Youth Uniform Policy: Muay Thai Class- All students are required to wear school t-shirt to participate in class. Students can wear neutral color T-shirts *Black / White / Olive* or respective ranking T-shirt color ONLY. Taekwondo/Jujitsu Class- Must wear school Do Bok / Uniform.

Kids/Youth Promotion Test: Promotion will be discretionary and will be awarded based on Students' progress, attendance, technique and virtue. *STUDENT WILL NOT BE PROMOTED IF STUDENT DOESN'T MEET THE REQUIREMENTS* so please DO NOT get offended if your child does not pass. We don't sell ranks at our school.

Students: Check in. Please have your child or yourself “check-in” at the front desk.
“No shoes on the mat”Place shoes in the cubby provided so that our hallways and walkways remain clear. Sparring gears and bags placed in the changing rooms / locker.
Please donʼt clutter up any other spaces with your equipment-place all bags, gear, etc. in thechanging rooms. Quietly wait in line sitting down for your class to begin. Use bathroom before/afterclass so you donʼt interrupt the class. Please respect the class before/after yours by remaining quiet.

Please follow the same rules you would observe at a movie theater: silence your cell phones and electronic devices, keep conversations to an absolute minimum, please keep other children off the mat and turf area, and no coaching or disciplining from the sidelines. Please clean up after yourself and your children. Parents, you can reinforce good behavior during class by smiling and giving thumbs up.

Please make space for the next class by leaving in a quiet and expeditious manner. If you need tospeak with our front desk or instructor, please let us know - we want to talk to you! Other conversa- tions may be had outside of class so that the focus can remain on classes without distraction. If you drop your child off for class, be sure to come in for the last 5 minutes so that you are in touch witheverything thatʼs happening with your childʼs training and so that your child is ready to leave withyou directly after class. Thank you for helping us provide you with the most professional and comfortable training environment.

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